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Our Executive Team


The executive team at Synergy Gateway, who work towards consistently building innovation and streamlining processes for student clinical and field placement documentation management solutions for global consumption.

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Kapil Gupta


Kapil is a seasoned entrepreneur, focused in streamlining and optimizing complex processes through technology.  Kapil’s achievements include creating Ontario’s first virtual student clinical compliance solution (Verified), creating a COVID-19 Vaccination Verification (CVV) application that is used by over 100,000 users and establishing a national COVID-19 testing and vaccination program that has benefitted millions of Canadians.

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Susan Dineno


Susan is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience with Canadian and International businesses. 

Susan leads Synergy Gateway's Verified platform expansion nationally and internationally.  She is passionate about finding solutions that make significant differences in the lives of the end users.

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Andre Johnson

Senior Technology Director

Andre is a seasoned technology expert having experience within startup to global icons within the small to mid-cap business space. He helps create, manage and navigate Synergy Gateway’s technology roadmap.  He works closely with clients and the business team, ensuring that all aspects of data processing, security and integration are managed seamlessly.

Shaila Gupta

Director, Operations

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Janet is an experienced Higher Education and Strategic Enrolment Management Professional with twenty years of experience in post-secondary education, both international and domestic.  Janet has a deep understanding of the post-secondary environment, professional  programs and the complex nature of their requirements.  She has successfully worked to create lasting partnerships and acts as a liaison between schools, third party providers, professional and regulatory bodies.

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Shaila oversees the overall operations of the company. This includes ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment of all services, implementing new business and technical enhancements to improve our processing environment. In addition she is a liaison between all clients and the Synergy Gateway Team ensuring that customer service is delivered at its best.

Janet Hunter

Director, Partnerships & Registrarial Affairs

Our Management Team


Meet the full-time management team at Synergy Gateway, who work intimately with the Verified platform and students.  The management team consists of experts who undergo a rigorous training and onboarding regiment, designed to ensure that each member is profoundly confident about client requirements, privacy and confidentiality.  Our management team is in the unique position of being in constant contact with many universities and colleges, allowing us to consolidate and share best practices, as we strive towards standardization of student clinical and field placement requirements.

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Joanna Asare

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Tanya Varma

Victor Sharma

Our Expert Consultants

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Lisa Constantine

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Jason Langdon

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Melissa Garland

Our Medical Experts

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Dr. T. Jelic

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Dr. P. Bansal

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