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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Synergy Gateway work with institutions towards onboarding and going live?

Synergy Gateway has years of experience in working with universities and colleges of all sizes.  We have worked to onboard institutions in 8-12 weeks, expertly managed by our onboarding protocols and executive team.  We provide detailed instructions, communication plans and templates and IT management to ensure that all aspects of student and administration experiences are at the highest level possible.  Pair that with our innovative and easy to use Verified platform and training, Synergy Gateway provides your team with a winning solution.

What are the different scope of services schools can take advantage of with Synergy Gateway?

Synergy Gateway provides universities and colleges with an ever flexible array of services that are uniquely configured to individual institutional and program requirements.  We engage our partner universities and colleges at a pace that is suitable to their environment.  We can start off slow and steady and PILOT with your most demanding program and build towards onboarding all faculties/department and schools within your institution.


Ask us about our Durham College Pilot Program!

How do you stay current with practice standards and immunization changes?

Synergy Gateway is dedicated to ensuring that we are always abreast of any regulatory and/or public health changes as they related to immunizations.   We accomplish through our interactions with universities and colleges and collectively share information across our partners to help standardize a response to change.  In addition, our Director of Partnerships and Registrarial Affairs is deeply connected with leading organizations and associations across Canada, ensuring that we learn about changes and share them with our partners!

How can I get approval from my institution to implement Verified?

Synergy Gateway has years of experience in working with universities and colleges of all sizes and political landscapes.  We have carefully crafted processes that cater to assisting influencers and decision makers in ultimately selecting Verified for their student clinical and field placement documentation management and verification.  Our prospecting stages provide you with presentations, surveys, testimonials, onboarding processes and agreement templates – all carefully configured to your institutions unique requirements.  In addition, we can provide your team with an analysis of your current processes and outline where efficiencies can be achieved and risks reduced.

Verified is designed to assist school administrators and front line administrators by taking over the process of student document management and verification.  Our market experience creates a community of your peers, dedicated towards student excellence in clinical and field placement.

Curious to see what an onboarding program would look like for your institution?  Contact us for a demo and we can walk your team through the entire process!

How do we communicate changes to students and school administrators?

Synergy Gateway's expert team will share sample communication plans and templates with school administrators, outlining the best way to communicate the introduction of Synergy Gateway and the Verified platform.  In addition, we have created internal checklists as part of our onboarding program, designed to assist you in going live with Verified in the easiest way possible.

How will students and school administrators know how to use the Verified platform?

This is truly an area where the Verified platform and Synergy Gateways expert team shine!  92% of students surveyed found the Verified platform easy to use.  In addition, we provide video guides and an online helpdesk to students and school administrators to self-help and ask questions.  

For school administrators, we arrange for web conference training and provide user guides.  We ensure that all school administrators have a single point of contact should they have specific questions about how to use Verified to access their student data!  Remember, with Verified, school administrators don't have to do the work anymore!

How does Synergy Gateway and its Verified platform reduce administrative burden?

With Synergy Gateway and its Verified platform, we allow students to provide their programs necessary clinical/field placement requirement documentation through their individual accounts.  This information is then processed by Synergy Gateway's clinical team and reported in real time to the student and school administrator(s).  We work within the Verified platform to allow students the best opportunity to be eligible for clinical/field placement.  All communication is directed through the platform for maximum accountability and transparency.

We estimate that this process saves an average school administrator 20 minutes of time per student.  Looking at our average school size of 750 students, that results in over 250 hours of administrative time saved. 


With the addition of our complimentary helpdesk, this further reduces administrative burden of school administrator(s).

How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality?

With Synergy Gateway and its Verified platform, we take privacy and confidentiality of information extremely seriously.  The platform has numerous safeguards and is hosted in environments that meet Canadian PI and PHI data requirements.  All data is accessed through informed consent and on an need to know basis only.  In addition to these, countless other measures are in place to enhance privacy and data breach risks.

Synergy Gateway makes available is privacy and data security documentation during its disclosure processes and throughout its onboarding program.

What is the onboarding program and estimated timelines?

Synergy Gateway has worked with numerous institutions and is continuously improving its onboarding program.  Each institution is unique and we cater to accomodate configurations as such.  Our onboarding program is divided into 6 phases, each with a prescribed timeline based on mutual availability.  We typically require 10-12 weeks to fully onboard and integrate with institutional SIS systems, however we have completed them in 8 weeks as well.  

We outline milestones, deliverables and process in a clear and easy to understand onboarding workbook, which is fully configured to your institutions unique needs.

Our expert team can provide your institution with an customized onboarding program by simply contacting us and walking us through your current student clinical/field placement requirement document validation and reporting process.

How does Verified affect current roles at my institution?

Synergy Gateway and its Verified platform work in tandem to provide an exceptionally high student experience all while reducing administrative workload.  Our current customers will attest that Verified has allowed them to modernize their role and focus on other job requirements without losing focus.  For most institutions, clinical/field placement documentation management is a year round obligation, for others it is seasonal, to ensure students remain compliant while in clinical/field placements.  With Verified, school administrators have real time insights and data dashboards that provide information about student placement eligibility at their fingertips.

We encourage school administrators to direct student inquiries to our helpdesk and further enhance the student experience with accountable and feedback.  With Verified, students are able to remain compliant based on program requirements with built in notification and expiration features.  These and many more features allow school administrators the ability to focus on what really matters to them.

How can Synergy Gateway possibly understand all of the requirements of our many programs and ensure accuracy? 

Synergy Gateway has worked with numerous institutions, and it goes without saying we have ample experience in managing complex requirements.  Our largest institution has over 30 programs with over 3000+ students.  We maintain proprietary requirements matrices and rules through our Requirement Analysis Phase (phase 2 of our onboarding program), in which our dedicated team meticulously reviews and understands your student clinical/field placement documentation requirements.  From there, these rules are populated into the Verified platform and our clinical team is trained and prepared.

Given the guidance of our executive and clinical teams, we are confident in managing the most complex requirements.  To get started contact us and set up a demo.

Interested in a demo or want to learn more about a Verified Pilot Program for your school?

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